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When chance and nature intertwine...

Pareidolia: Phenomenon consisting in recognizing forms in various visual or auditory things.

We find this approach in mediums who scrutinize coffee grounds to see the future emerge.

Also at Rorschach who developed the famous psychological inkblot test.

As children, we were looking for characters hidden in the rockeries of Mont Coudon in Toulon, we found that these accidental faces emanated a certain offbeat poetry, finding us in this silent universe.

Being sometimes the only one to visualize them, one day I stuck a tracing paper on the bay window of the living room of the family house and I drew the outline. It then became completely obvious to others.

In doing so, our characters ended up having names, and the interest of building up a collection obsessed me. The first images were very gimmicky, more stunning than beautiful, and over the years they have become more accurate. 
Faced with the growing number of conquests, it was necessary to be more demanding on the quality of the subjects. Faced with the difficulty of defining my work, I chose “Random Natural Art”. Chance and nature are the artisans. 
The beauty of chance, the very one that has perhaps always influenced graphic art: primitive, classic, modern, comics, abstract. 
And then wondering if the best is yet to come; if we will come across THE photo...


PARÉIDOLIES "The dream images of Erwan Mirabeau"

SEL, Sèvres, April 8 - May 15 - 2022

The Kube November 2005





SEL, Sèvres, February 2004




Garches, Town hall, June 2008




"Envizavi", Island of La Jatte, June 2004

The Enchanter, Paris, May 2005

My prints are visible at Hair Du Temps,

35 rue de Saint-Cloud in Ville d'Avray from June 2024.


public at the Erwan Mirabeau Exhibition at SEL in 2022
One of the rooms of the Erwan Mirabeau Exhibition at the SEL in 2022
Exhibition by Erwan Mirabeau at Kube in 2005
Exhibition by Erwan Mirabeau at Kube in 2005
Exhibition by Erwan Mirabeau at SEL in 2004
Exhibition by Erwan Mirabeau at SEL in 2022
Pareidolia of the face of Rembrandt and the photographer Erwan Mirabeau
Photographer Erwan Mirabeau

Contact / Phone: 06 13 24 58 62

19 Ernest Renan, 92370 Chaville, France

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