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"When chance, nature and time intertwine..."



Pareidolia of a fisherman in the morning

The Fisherman

A magical morning on a lake, a few curls of mist in the foreground  sweep away the night...

Our fisherman throws a line to the east accompanied by his dog.


Window tile  freshly painted. The swirls are the remnants of the protective adhesive, the fisherman is a backlit brushstroke.

The sunrise zone is a house and the night zone  on the left is a fir tree.

The general atmosphere was due to the mist of a shower. Actual size  3mm


48°49'35.00''N 2°12'21.91''E

Paredoli of two people in front of a panorama

The End Of The Day

Two seated figures, possibly in Japan, enjoying the last rays.


Moss on a concrete wall

Actual size  10 cm


48°48'46'N 2°11'39E

Parody of a robot man hoisting his child

African Cybernetic Birth

In the bush, a thousand kilometers away  of any inhabited region, exists a tribe of humanoids.

Tonight is a party and this robot dad is proud ! 

So he lifts his son to the African skies. 


Cast shadow of a bicycle on a wall

Actual size  50 cm


48°49'34'N 2°12'20E

Parody of two people seen from behind in the cinema

At The Movie Theater

When the movie is extraordinary,

we are like these two spectators,

back,transported by the silver screen.


Wine stains on food carton

Actual size  40 cm


48°48'47.30''N 2°11'40.28''E

Paredoli of two walkers on the beach

Sunday Promenade By The Sea - 1902
Two strange beings are walking on a Normandy beach.

We can make out the sun behind the clouds and to the right of the cockle fishermen on the shore.


Detail of fingerprints on a cooking pot.

Actual size: 20 cm.


48°49'35.16''N 2°12'21.93''E

The Zen Moment

The stylized Japanese universe…

A person in a robe sitting in complete abandonment of his worries.

Perhaps you will see the rock and the

edge of the river and over time the mountains

in the background.


Shot of a wooden knot on a fir table covered

with red varnish.

Actual size 6cm


45°43'07.26''N 4°42'53.09''E

Paredoli of a person sitting on a rock near a river
Parody of a character reminiscent of Predator or an African mask

Occasionally Predators loom in the icy winter air.

Having only half a face, it's the magic of a reflection that gives them the other half-life.

Completely invisible during the day, in the middle of the street...


Shot of a gutter reflecting in the front of a shop.

The eyes consist of a leaf caught in a spider's web.

Actual size: 30cm.


48°49'23.94''N 2°12429.02''

Parody of a shipwreck


A gutted boat bow damaged by indifferent breaking waves.

The howling wind raises walls of water.

The little central character will have a hard time swimming to get back to earth...

In the center, we can also see a large white birdman.


Negative of painting work on a wall.

Actual size: 30cm.

36°45'45.44''N 3°2'51.47''E

Parody of a human form

The Mongolian Horseman
It's a Kazakh vermilion rider in a hurry

galloping on a hypothetical steed…

Unless it's a seahorse?

Through the snowy steppe to Altai…


Macro shot of a pizza box.

The tomato sauce revealed an equestrian decal.

Actual size: 1 cm.


48°49'23.90''N 2°12'28.87''E

Parody of a rider on a red horse

Lunar Pierrot

This incredible theatrical face appeared as a tribute to the mime Marceau, David Bowie or even Pierre Brasseur.


Traces of chocolate on an icing paper.

Actual size 6cm


43°06'17''N  5°55'47''E

Parody of a face reminiscent of a clown


I have a photographer and musician friend whose gaze appeared to me one fine day.


Actual size 40cm


43°07'20.68''N 5°55'44.65''E

Parody of a face without the mouth

The Twilight Mannequin
He walks towards a ray of sunshine to be showered with light.


Sticker relic torn from a pole. 
Actual size: 15cm.


48°49'31.97''N 2°12'58.67''E

Parody of a man trudging forward
Parody of a face in chewing gum

Difficult Progress

Deep snow forces him...

Our character will waste time in whiteness.


Cast rust on a shutter.

Actual size 20cm


48°48'47.30''N 2°11'40.28''E

Bearded Chewing Gum

Crushed chewing gum is ugly, except when it takes on human traits.

This one evokes a little the Stromboli of Pinocchio or

I don't know which actor (help)...


Actual size 4cm


43°07'20.68''N 5°55'44.65''E

The Sleepwalker

This one walks high in the stars at the top of a mountain on a blade of lightning.


Negative shot of a concrete wall.

Lightning is a crack.


48°49'33.07''N   2°12'21.41''E

Paredoli of a woman from behind
Parody of a face in profile

Méliès Of The Pan

A childish, naive, brassy head

like a benevolent moon. Magical…

Like Méliès and his journey.


Shot of a copper rivet from a handle ofand saucepan.

Actual size 8mm


48°49'37.40''N 2°12'56.35''E

Parody of Stalin's face


I was doing a very physical job

that day when I saw the face of the famous dictator!

It was impossible for me not to

take this photo very discreetly! 


The rain left mud to accumulate under a small pebble.

Actual size: 10 cm


The Shroud

A tea room, a knot of wood on the duckboard begins to take on the appearance of Christ.

Step back! Step back 3m to see the face!


Chance pushed the irony so far as to forget a coin just behind.

Who said religion wasn't a business?

Actual size  6 cm


49°52'29.14''N 0°47'51.96''E

Paredoli of the face of Christ or Vercingetorix
Paredoli of a dancer

On an anthracite planet, the barely visible glow of a new day.

A dancer, a mime, an athlete?

We would like to experience this tranquility of the soul


A stain on a training floor in a gym

Actual size: 8 cm.


48°49'02''N 2°11'44''E

The Night Traveler

 A bearded man in a trench coat waits under a lamppost, a small suitcase in his hand.

The rest of the story is up to you...


Shot of a door frame in negative.

Actual size 12cm.


48°49'28.18''N  2°12'32.00''E

Paredoli of a man under a street lamp
Paredoli of a woman in a dress

Sowing Dancer

It has evaporated from dictionaries and one-franc coins.

The rain nourishes the transparencies...


Fragment of paper handkerchief wet from the rain. Actual size: 3 cm


48°49'26.62''N 2°12'52.67''E

The Newt

The aquatic creature left its Aquaboulevard pool to see, not far away, if the water was milder on the side of Avenue Pierre Avia.


Detail of a dilapidated wall. Actual size  40 cm


48°49'50.30''N 2°16'34.71''E

Parody of a fantastic character

The Angel With The Small Head And The Big Foot

Angels don't always choose where they fall.

He revealed himself on a staircase in the parking lot.


An object will have left some paint on this wall

Actual size: 5 cm


48°48'32''N  2°11'19''E

Paredoli of an angel or bird man

The Minstrel

A musician from the back walking,

perhaps with a flutiau.



Peeling paint.

Tactual size: 6 cm


48°48'37''N  2°11'35''E

Parody of a man playing the flute
Parody of a sheriff man

The Sheriff

It's strange this tangle of black shapes... Nothing is clearly defined and up close, it's abstraction.

Moving away appears a human silhouette and a sheriff's star in a graphic style reminiscent of stencil.

An evocation of John Wayne?


Black paint stain on a wall.

Actual size  6 cm


48°49'28.86''N 2°12'30.77''E

Léo Ferré's Leap Into The Void

“Time is the monstrous ticking

of the watch.

Death is infinity in his eternity.

But what happens to those who go

to meet him? “L Ferré.


Detail of a brick.

Actual size  3mm


48°49'35.01''N 2°12'21.96''E

Parody of an old man or Léo Ferré
Parody of a diamond face

The Mad Scientist In Mondrian

One of my favorite shots because of its construction in reference to the dutch painter.

The little diamond face of the mad scientist breaks the rigor of the image.


Chipped kitchen tile.

Actual size  1 cm


48°49'35.16''N 2°12'21.93''E

Paredoli of an eye and a mouth

Bored Cyclops

Wear produces strange things.


Chipped paint on a pipe.

Actual size  30 cm


48°54'55''N  2°20'13''E

Parody of a face with a lock of hair
Parody of a seated character and a Pacman

The Memory

A memory has taken place in the gaze of this woman or this man.

His other eye remains hidden under a thick blonde lock.

Does he know that time flies at 299,792.456 kilometers per second?


Long exposure shot of mold on a wall.

Actual size  45 cm


48°49'22.44''N 2°12'30.90''E

Angry Pacman And Sitting Vizier

Lou Reed said it's the little things that make all the difference : the little vizier sitting cross-legged is just 3mm tall.

The contrast of red and white, symbol of danger and prohibition plays with the other opposition of a quiet character threatened by an angry Pacman.


Detail of a white brick painted red.

Actual size  3mm


48°49'34.76''N 2°12'21.91''E

Parody of an astronaut above the Earth
Parody of a character with his dreams

The Astronaut

"Ground control to Major Tom"


String above a cast iron plate

Actual size 4cm

Parody of a smiling man

The Hello From The Shutter

She was very nice this espagnolette lock!


Actual size 50cm


43°06'17''N  5°55'47''E

Little Man With Little Dreams

Stains are evidence of an action, dreams too, big or small.


Paint stains on a stepladder 

Actual size 15cm

Walk, You Will See!

The "cagne" settled slowly

in me and going up the stairs

of this beach, this face almost

skull appeared to me, contrasted

by 35 degrees in the shade.


Detail of a stair step.

Actual size 2cm


46°06'14.26''N 5°55'58.17''E

Parody of a mask in the earth
Paredoli of a horse in a wall

Pegasus Passes Walls

Surprising mineral chaos that gives birth to a very clearly identifiable form.

A white horse.



Actual size  15 cm


48°49'35.01''N 2°12'21.96''E

Parody of a simple face on an orange background

Walls Have Faces

This face stares at hundreds of high school students daily.

The graphic simplicity of the subject and its evocative potential...


Night shot of a crack under sodium light. Actual size  60 cm


48°49'27.88''N 2°12'41.54''E

Paredoli of Chateaubriand's face

Chateaubriand ?


Peeling paint

Actual size  10 cm


45°45'12.75''N 4°48'40.56''E

Paredoli of the face of Georges Brassens

Slightly Brassens

Did I miss Georges too much?... Anyway, after repeated jogging and passing in front of this wall, I finally spotted this blissful face, like an ecstatic vision of the other side of life...


Shot of a peeling painting on a wall.

Actual size 5 cm


48°49'39.28''N 2°12'04.45''E

Parody of a dandy's face

The Pointillist Dandy

Perhaps Dorian Gray, because of the condescending eye and haughty carriage of the head, then, on closer inspection, the scoundrelly air recalls Kurt Cobain...

But the dotted line reveals an "A" on the collar.

So, who is it ?


Shot of a white-painted mat whose paint has peeled off with repeated strokes.

Actual size 10 cm


45°45'12.75''N 4°48'40.56''E

Parody of an Asian character
Paredoli of a woman who looks like a sculpture

At The Sight Of The Japanese, China Rises

An old adage illustrated by this flying Chinese, training in kungfu above a cloud of bubbles...

The stylized purity of the Chinese world, refinement and elegance in natural chance.


Ceramic tiles on the doorstep of a business. Several successive shocks ended up drawing this shape. Actual size  15 cm


48°49'25.97''N 2°12'32.43'''E

Parody of a Spider-Man
Paredoli of three totem faces

The Sculptural

From a distance it was incredible how this woman imposed herself!

So much so that I thought

I saw a bas-relief there.

Shocks on a wall cornerstone

Actual size  45 cm

 48°51'06''N 2°22'38'''E

Man In Spider Armor

The face barely drawn on the wall takes on the expression of a condemned man before his sentence.

The metal grid that makes up his armored body also sends our consciousness back to the prison world. 


Iron curtain having left a mark on a wall.

Actual size 12cm

3 Headed Totem

The totem represented the crests of a family.

3 faces: Below a dumbfounded man looks to the right, then a mustachioed aristocrat to the left, and we can see, at the very top, 

a third little face with a funny puff.

In this case it is a Lyon family from the Croix Rousse district.


White paint on a sidewalk.

Actual size 8cm

The Little Prince With The Wine Stain
A watercolor face, tip of a brush.

Wine stain on a bar table.

Actual size: 3 cm.

48°49'27.13''N 2°12'37.42''E

Parody of the face of a little prince

Bread witch

It's quite incongruous to see

such a face at the table. 

Pareidolias appear where

they want.

48°48'47.30''N 2°11'40.28''E

Caught In The Lava

One night, on the wall of a street,

the light from the street lamp gave life

to this flint stone.

Surprising expression that could

cast doubt on the game of chance so much

it feels like pain endured by this character.

His eye questions us.


Flint stone and cement joint.

Actual size  5 cm


48°49'28.70''N 2°11'45.18''E

Parody of a witch's face in bread
Parody of a face in flint
Parody of a brigadier's face

Wooden Face

Sometimes walking quickly in the city in the middle of the night we see the face of a sergeant at the bottom of a tree trunk. Sometimes…


Shot of a work trunk.

Actual size: 10 cm


48°49'28.49''N 2°12'57.98''E

Jackie kennedy

A face from a 70's shampoo "advertisement".

It is also a tribute to Mondrian regarding the framing.


Chewing gum on the tiling of the Gare de Lyon during rush hour! Actual size  5 cm


48°50'41.46''N 2°22'23.85''E


A desert wandering, when the

burden of problems takes all of existence.

We bend our backs, we arch our backs

The hands in the pockets,

as if it only happened to us.

We search. Only.

Some also see it as a skater.

The blue version is a negative print


Shot of bird droppings on a wall

in stone. .

Actual size 10cm

Parody of a man walking on a yellow background
Parody of a man skating in space

AbNormal Jean

Textiles are conducive to

receive faces. 

This one is ghostly.



Actual size  9 cm


48°48'47.30''N 2°11'40.28''E

Parody of Jackie Kennedy's face in chewing gum
Parody of a face made up of a chair and two handles

Hilarious Chair

We laugh at the theatre.

It's rarer than the theater itself laughs.

Maybe a little "stone" this lodge? 


48°52'14''N  2°20'55''E

Parody of a face in jeans


It is a migratory bird that left the cartouches of the Egyptian walls.

The god Ra gave it life in France.


Play of solar light in a balustrade

Actual size  40 cm


48°50'21''N   2°13'01''E

Paredoli of a bird in light
Parody of a spy's face with sunglasses
Paredoli of a man climbing the Eiffel Tower

Barbarian Climbing The Eiffel Tower

Storming Paris, an iconoclast attempts to topple or scale the Iron Lady


Trace of liquid on the ground

Actual size 40cm 

48°53'36''N  2°20'32''E

Paredoli of a horse from behind

The Ray-Ban Spy

In the decrepitude of a wall, the appearance of a character with a worried face.


Cracks on a wall. Actual size 70 cm


48°49'29.38''N 2°12'30.07''E

Tanagra Of The Blue Cobblestones

Female appearance recalling these famous statuettes from an eponymous Greek city.

Guess the naughty wind…


Negative photo of the famous little white cobblestones in Lisbon.

Actual size: 10 cm


38°42'38.91''N 9°08'43.40''W

Paredoli of a woman in a cobblestone

Beyond Cobblestones

The horse symbolizes freedom, the cobblestones in 1968 too.


Scooter oil

Actual size 40cm


48°49'05''N  2°12'00''E

The Peasant

She settled there nicely,  on a beech parquet floor, taking advantage of the work.

So pretty that it was very difficult for me to hunt her!


Paint stain on a beech board.

Actual size 4cm


48°48'47.30''N 2°11'40.28''E

Parody of a peasant's face
Parody of an Asian landscape

Japanese Landscape
The image of Japan in the collective unconscious. The poetic evocation is very cliché; a mountain in the background,

mists from which emerges an ideal autumnal vegetation.

It was during a gray and rainy day that this image appeared, the water having enhanced the contrasts and colors.

Detail of a cobblestone.

Actual size: 12cm.

48°49'28.51''N 2°12'46.34''E

Parody of a landscape evoking Verdun

"In Verdun there is no night. There are only days which,

in their horror, follow each other and resemble each other."

I saw in this stone a decoration end of the world with black trees,

only remnant of a world still alive, tense on the trenches and the impacts of shells...

Detail of a stone on a wall.

Actual size: 10cm.

43°43'2.04''N 4°19'25.97''E

Paredoli of a village at the top of a cliff

The Hilltop Hamlet
This place must exist on earth,


Moisture on a wall.

Actual size: 40cm.

43°48'54''N   2°11'39''E

Paredoli of an Indian head in a rock

Jeronimo Letellec
A green-haired Apache.


Actual size: 4m

48°37'08''N   2°11'41''E

The Orange Rider       2022

But what does our rider ride ?

A camel ? A dinosaur ?  

The Loch Ness monster ?


Spray paint.

Actual size 15 cm


48°48'28.82''N 2°11'17.01''E

Parody of an orange rider on an animal
Pareidolia of a wave

The Wave         2023

A green wave of vegetation or luminescent plankton in negative


Moss under a bridge

Actual size 5 m


48°47'53''N 2°13'00''E

Pareidolia of a wave
pareidolia of a human profile

The Soul Of The Condemned  2023

You can't lock up a ghost;


Chipped tiles

Actual size 10 cm


43°06'44''N 5°56'07''E

Pareidolia of a ghost

Galaxy Man         2023

But A galaxy man profile.

His eye is a star.


Negative coffee grounds

Actual size 4 cm


48°48'47.30''N 2°11'40.28''E

Pareidolia of a mon riding a peacock

Gueule Cassée

Perhaps the spirit of Francis Bacon was floating around that

day ! 


Pittosporum trunk

Actual size 70cm


43°06'22''N 5°56'05''E

The Peacock Rider

The rider, mounted on a peacock with a tail cut off, observes a sun on the horizon


Mold on tiles

Actual size 1cm


48°48'47.30''N 2°11'40.28''E

Pareidolia of a face in a tree
pareidolia of a bell

The Bell     2023

As if an artist had drawn it



Paint drip

Actual size 10cm


48°54'06''N 2°18'41''E

pareidolia of a dancer

Dancer À La Matisse       2023

As if another artist had drawn it there...


Peeling paint.

Actual size 9cm


48°48'50''N 2°11'41''E

pareidolia of a group of men

It's Cold 2024

A group of 4 in front of an icy expanse


Moisture on a wall

Actual size 70 cm


47°55'18''N 1°51'11''E

Pareidolie d'un visage de guerrier

Warrior figure    2024

 Stain on a wall

Actual size 3cm

48°54'04"N 2°18'42"E

pareidolia of a human silhouette

Hey you we are you ?     2024

Ghost apparition


Moisture on a wall

Actual size 2m


48°48'57"N 2°11'28"E

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